Our Story

These are my parents, Cecil and Bernice. The little guy in the picture above with my Mom is my youngest, Gavin. In the last years of my parents lives I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation units and assisted living facilities.  I say 'opportunity' because it allowed me to meet some of the most wonderful people with amazing stories and so much love, and advice, to give.  Which is somewhat ironic because they tended to be from what has been called the Silent Generation. 

I took those opportunities to ask about their families and their favorite pet. Their plans for the holiday or the best vacation they ever took.  They loved to share pictures of their grand kids and holiday cards received from church friends. To see the glow on their face when they received something in the mail was priceless. They would stop everyone they passed in the hallway to show them the scarf their daughter-in-law sent for their birthday. Something so small brought so much joy to deserving and amazing people who still have so much to offer. 

This generation has been known for valuing security, comfort, and familiarity, Makes sense since most of them either bravely fought in a war or held the task of keeping the family together while their brothers, sons or fathers did.  

In this day and age of electronics we often forget about this generation. We generally can't text them a Happy Father's Day bitmoji or an online gift card for their birthday.  But we can visit, make a phone call or send them something letting them know they are in our hearts.  


Our Mission and Vision 

Our Mission is to spread love to every aging man and woman in the country. Your subscription helps us to achieve this goal. Using the proceeds from the care boxes sold, we're able to send care boxes to low income or orphaned seniors across the country.

Our Vision is a world where every senior feels loved and appreciated for their contributions.

Are you ready to send some smiles?